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Marc Trainor

Ok, here’s my latest greatest on this whole ADAT card word clock thing. I just purchased a Black Lion micro mkIII word clock that has 6 BNC outputs, and a couple of other outputs including a SPDIF output. I was able, now, to connect the spdif output from the Black Lion into the spdif in of my Focusrite 18i20, and also run individual BNC outputs into each of the two other interfaces and my two Utrack 24 units, using BNC plugs. I’m using 75ohm terminators on both of my utrack clock out’s and I’m also using terminators on my Clarett Opto Pre since it has a clock out BNC plug. That has worked well. Everything say’s it’s clocked ok and of course I’m also running my 3 interfaces into my ADAT card on one of my Utrack-24’s. I’m now able to record on any of my 24 channels, without any noise or clicking sound, everything seems pretty quiet and I’m also able to use my 2nd Utrack as a slave to the master Utrack. I’m waiting to get some more money so I can buy another ADAT card for the 2nd Utrack and then run the slave as a redundant copy machine from the master. I’ll either send 2 toslink signals from each interface into each Utrack machine, or in some cases, split the optical signal coming out of one of the interfaces, and run that into both Utrack machines. So far the Black Lion clock is working well for all of this and I’m very happy with the sound I’m getting from everything. Marc Trainor.