[quote=”lbolen” post=1954]Just hooked up the LP-16 tonight and have been tweaking for around three hours or so. No hums, no hiss; excellent product!

Here’s a huge tip if anyone else wants to try…works very well! Re-amping: record a guitar or bass line to a track in your DAW, but only record what the guitar puts out directly (DI) from its pickups. Then use a TRS to XLR adapter cord out of the LP-16 (didn’t know if this would work until I tried it…but it works very well) like this or equivalent TRS – XLR then into a reamp box (like this or equivalent: PRORMP )…into your guitar/bass amp’s input…wow, great tone, it’s like having a bass (or guitar) player through an amp exactly…way better than plain ole stereo or mono backing tracks through the fronts only!

I’m stoked! :cheer:[/quote]

that’s exactly what I have in mind… I’d like to run the bass as a backing track from the LP-16 to a bass amp instead of sending to the PA. Do I necessary need to re-amp the signal before sending to the bass amp in this case? how much improvement I’m gonna have in the signal using the Re-amp? I’d very much appreciate if you could give some more details about it.
Many thanks! 🙂