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If you have 2 uTrack24’s for redundancy running in sync mode… if the master unit stops working, you have no way of controlling the back up unit.

If you have a tech who is able to get the failed until up and running again before the end of the song then you would be able to carry on as normal.

However, if the master unit stops working for a long time and you need to remotely start the back up unit. You have no way to do this, unless your uTrack’s are next to you on stage.

This applies when using a footswitch into the master unit and also with uRemote.

I run a footswitch that is split into both of my uTrack24’s 🙂

You should also be able to control both uTrack24’s (not in sync mode) using an iPad into an ethernet switch. As long as the uTrack24’s have the same IP address.