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I am not able to find out, if it is possible to record more than 2 channels, if connected as audio device to PC on Win7. I installed latest Firmware and Drivers, but i am not able to record more than 2 channels simultanios in Audacity or Presonus Studio One. Is this a restrictions of this free programs or a restrictions of LR16?
In the Windows Sound Control Panel i see all inputs extra as stereo pairs, but in the DAW Software i can only choose one of the stereo pairs for recording.

Thank you in advance,

Hi George,

The Audacity is 2-channel by design (it’s a stereo editor, not a multitrack DAW) and Studio One is stereo in only because it’s a teaser for the real paid version.

If you wants to try the multitrack input capability of the LR-16, some options are:

-Download the demo of the full version of Studio One at https://www.presonus.com/products/studio-one/download and then if you likes it, you can purchase the software.

-Another low cost DAW is Reaper https://www.reaper.fm which is an unlimited demo period and full functionality in the demo, and then works on the honor system for paying a small cost to upgrade to the full version.[/quote]


LR-16 question regarding use with REAPER in ‘interface’ mode:

System specifications:

Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1 64 bit
Lenovo T440 Thinkpad
Intel COre i5-4300 (1.90/2.50 GHz)
8 GB ram

currently using:

ASIO/WDM driver and Mixer Panel for Windows XP, 7 and 8 (32 & 64-bit) V6.17.0

Updated to latest firmware version: LR-16 Firmware 83859


You recommended REAPER as a multi-channel DAW solution. Do you have experience utilizing the LR-16 in “interface” mode with REAPER ? I am able to select the ASIO driver and device but I’m not presented with the ability to choose any input or output channels and consistently recieve an error regarding my ASIO driver.

Just curious if you’ve seen this as you worked with REAPER and if there was a solution. Seems to me that the sheer number of ASIO forum posts for REAPER and various audio interfaces, indicate that this is a common issue amongst users. Folks on the REAPER forums have referred to the LR-16 in several posts as a mulit-tracking solution but don’t go into any more detail. I’m prepared to go into massive amounts of detail if I thought it would help. I’m also going to be attempting to replicate this issue on a completely separate win7 machine.

Question # 2:

I noticed that I can probably monitor channel levels and inputs in the mixer panel as it runs as an application on my desktop when the LR-16 is connected via usb. Can I use this functionality to set input levels or pads on the LR-16 and then have it remember those settings when I disconnect the USB cable from my computer and proceed to insert a flash/thumb drive in the LR-16 for stand-alone recording? Currently as a stand alone device, it works just fine paired with my analog board. I’d just like the added benefit of having a larger, more readable display/GUI as opposed to the small panel on the unit chassis.

Thank you.