[quote=”georg_cymatic” post=187]Hi!

I am not able to find out, if it is possible to record more than 2 channels, if connected as audio device to PC on Win7. I installed latest Firmware and Drivers, but i am not able to record more than 2 channels simultanios in Audacity or Presonus Studio One. Is this a restrictions of this free programs or a restrictions of LR16?
In the Windows Sound Control Panel i see all inputs extra as stereo pairs, but in the DAW Software i can only choose one of the stereo pairs for recording.

Thank you in advance,

Hi George,

The Audacity is 2-channel by design (it’s a stereo editor, not a multitrack DAW) and Studio One is stereo in only because it’s a teaser for the real paid version.

If you wants to try the multitrack input capability of the LR-16, some options are:

-Download the demo of the full version of Studio One at https://www.presonus.com/products/studio-one/download and then if you likes it, you can purchase the software.

-Another low cost DAW is Reaper https://www.reaper.fm which is an unlimited demo period and full functionality in the demo, and then works on the honor system for paying a small cost to upgrade to the full version.