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The uTrack24 works slightly differently than LP-16 in USB interface mode.

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If I get a uTrack 24, are the inputs rout-able? For example, can I use the inputs on channels 3 and 4 and rout them to any other pair of channels? Will they output only on 3 and 4? Do they output only the master?
If the uTrack 24 is in audio interface mode for my computer, are the main outputs addressable separately (giving 26 outputs) or are they always a mix down of the other channels? Are the headphone outputs separately addressable as in the LP-16?

In USB interface mode the device act as an 24/24 interface, the headphones output has no separate output channel. The headphones output is a sum of the input channels and the CH1-2 from the computer (routing need to defined on the computer) and the control panel (windows only) provide a possibility to set up the levels.

The drawing will explain how it works: