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Owen Griffiths

Ah. You don’t have an LP16. Thought you had by now. No worries.

I will look at mine tonight and see what can be accomplished. I still don’t get his response.
My issue is that I only have tonight before my single rehearsal with the band tomorrow morning, so there’s no room for error.
And no, I wouldn’t use a mixer at all. One piece of kit too many. The best bit about this product is (should be) that it takes the amount of fragile technology (laptop and io device) down to one box which should output a discrete headphone mix for the drummer via headphones and a mix of the other tracks via the stereo op.
Worst case would be routing the drummer click out a discrete output and use a headphone amp (which is how we used to and could still do it), as long as the rest of the tracks can all route via the stereo mix bus.

What I wanted to do was transfer the pre-prepared tracks into uTool today and pop them onto a USB device for this evening to test. Then do one run through tomorrow off the laptop and uTool, adjusting the mix via the Mixer page, and transferring that as the master multitrack session for a final run through straight after.

But I have a more fundamental problem (which I have posted) which is that stereo wavs are playing back the left channel on both outputs in the uTool App/Mixer. Which means it’s a show-stopper unless they can help me before the end of the day.