Jeandre Viljoen

“designed for live performance. ”

There must be some design flaws then because thats literally what I want to use the LP-16 for and it doesnt offer me the one option I need to use it for live performance.

And the (stop) button that literally sits next to the skip button, allows you to “interrupt” the playback of the song, so that can’t possibly be a good reason as to why a skip function cannot be implemented.

The only dangerous part is if the user is pressing the wrong buttons.

All I ask is that a simple skip forward and skip backwards function is implemented. It doesn’t even have to change the current setup of the LP-16, just an “instant-skip” function that can be enabled in the settings menu so the the users who want to use it the same way that we do, can have access to the feature.

I feel like a skip function should automatically be a basic feature of any music player.