Alf Degnebolig

Hi. Now I Have sitting for about 45 hours to find out to Import Songs into CymaticUtrack24. as Stereo, song. BUT In know it have to be in Multitrack/ songs. because I need to have songs goes Auto from song 1 to next song.. I find out to make the first Playlist. with 15 songs. But when I try with nummer 2 Playlist. It comes up with error. I really like to have a Manual or Screnshot how to see how to do it. Your manual are really BAD, it not tell you enything. In my world your company are very fast to sell all this things, but you do not understand there are people f.eks here IN DENMARK. So please show me Step b step. how I work with Cymatic Utrack24. Last here. Main output are. L. Ch. -6 db and R. ch. are 0db. Can I change that. ??????????? Please send me post. on danishdub@danishdub.com. regards Alf. http://www.danishdub.com