Hi sheriffen,

As I seen correctly now you have a problem with the playlist creation and the song levels

About the levels:
Please open uTool, go to the home tab select your song in the uTrack24/Multitrack songs/”Your song where you have a level problem” in the left window.
In the right window there’s a “mixer” option
Open the mixer then set up all faders to the same level.
Save the settings and close the mixer.

About the playlist:
Please open uTool, go to the home tab select the uTrack24/Playlist in the left window
Click on the “new playlist” in the right window.
In the popup window left side is the place of your source files (multitrack songs) drag and drop the songs from the left window to the right.
Make sure the “start mode” in the right window set to “wait for button press” (as you requested to have this setting)
Save the playlist. Close the editor

Go to the export window then select uTrack24 as target type
Select your playlist(s) in the left window
Select your USB drive (what you want to use with uTrack24) in the top part of right window
Click on the export
Connect the drive to the uTrack24. Hit the browser window on the front panel then select your playlist to load.

There’s two settings in the uTrack24 menu what you need to check:
MENU/Playback/output atten. –> This is the place where you can attenuate the uTrack24 DB25 outputs globally
MENU/Playback/Multitack mode option/Outputs/Pre or Post fade: This is the place where you can enable to attenuate the DB25 outputs by mixer levels in uTool.