thanks for your reply. I have version V8520 but have a Mac, so using the latest firmware is a bit of an issue…
I first format the drive as FAT32 on my Mac, then connect it to the LR16, which tests and then says it is not in the right format, so I have the LR16 reformat it.
After formatting by the LR16 it goes into test mode, and then I’ve see all kinds of stuff happening. Either it passes but does not record, or it fails the test, or the LR16 crashes during tests. I am doing it again while writing this. It now keeps hanging in the device test. (which you cannot cancel, whenever you connect something the LR16 wants to test it, even though you already know you need to reformat it)
The test progress bar fills up to 75% and then it starts again with testing. And now it actually powered itself off while doing this.
OK – think I have a faulty model or PS, because after this last exercise it does not want to power on anymore, and only displays some vague light. I had considered this before, but with a pen drive it worked fine… I’ll contact the shop and let you know how it goes….

RE you last point:
From a reliability point of view I understand that you prefer ‘traditional spinning drives’ but for using a traditional drive in a live environment (noisy, loud music) is a no go for me, and I have been recording to SSD’s for years now. Because of the low freq vibrations traditional HD’s have problems keeping their heads calibrated and disk too slow errors can happen even when recording two tracks.