Hello Daniel,
we have tested the LR-16 with a wide range of different USB mass storage devices (conventional, SSD, Thumb drive) and what we have found is that conventional USB disks (3.5” and 2.5”, USB-powered or not) are by far the most reliable devices to record on. I also just now tested the device with a Verbatim 64GB SSD 47633 and didn’t have any problems with this.
Can you please tell me what exactly went wrong when you tried to operate the LR-16 using your other USB-powered hard disks?

Did you format your USB mass storage devices using the format function supplied by the LR-16? This is very important because this optimizes the file system on the drive for recording with the LR-16. You should also make sure that you are using the latest firmware.

Generally we do not recommend using flash drives (like SSDs or Thumb/ Pen drives) as a recording media, because their performance is often unreliable. These flash storage devices often have fantastic ‘peak’ transfer rates but are usually unable to sustain these high transfer rates over a longer period of time which can cause dropouts when recording.

Cymatic Audio Support