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3.1 Network Setup

  • Set up a wireless router, to create a local wireless network. For stage use, one popular
  • choice is a “travel wireless router” where the router is very compact and has a built in power
    plug, no external power cables required.

  • Connect a standard RJ-45 network cable between the network port on the rear panel of
  • your uTrack 24, and one of the LAN (Local Area Network) ports of your router. Your router
    will automatically assign an IP (Internet Protocol) address to the attached uTrack 24.

  • Connect your computer, tablet, or smartphone to the network that is being provided by the
  • router. Note that multiple devices may all run uRemote at the same time and all control a
    single uTrack 24 simultaneously.

    ? With a laptop or desktop computer, the connection to the router’s network can be
    wired or wireless.
    ? With a smartphone or tablet, the connection would be wireless.

  • If you have set up everything correctly, upon the first launch of uRemote, the software will
  • automatically discover your uTrack 24 interface and display uRemote’s “home screen”.

  • You are now ready to start using uRemote, no further steps required!mote, no further steps required!

You can use direct connection between the PC and the uTrack after installing the CopperLan package on your computer. In this case, the communication between uRemote and the uTrack goes through the CopperLan network, and so no IP address is needed to get it working.