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Les Bolen

[quote=”Lonerock” post=1723]Hello all,
I’m new to the LP16, I’d like to know how you both are working the output level of your tracks ?
Do you manage to work output level of each tracks to aim the same level (0 or -1db for example)
or do you let the same level set in your DAW Mixer when you set the song?

I use Cubase to record tracks.

My goal is to avoid keeping touching the Mixing desk during the show…
I guess that if I have the same level on each tracks for each songs, when I set the soundcheck, it would be aproaximatly good?

Inputs are welcome.[/quote]

Hello LoneRock,

I use the mixer feature in the main editor which works well in a -db fashion on each individual track. ie., if you’ve your drums on two mono tracks (dual stereo) on tracks one and two and you find they’re a little loud in the mix compared to all the other outputs, just drop the faders down 2 or 3 db, then save your mixer settings and then the song, then output the song again to the USB stick, etc…

Hope this helps,