Unable to export + update firmware! HELP

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I got everything working for now. I unplugged all other usb devices from my Mac and the firmware update was a success.

I had to export all my songs/playlist through Directory (to my usb thumb drive) because the removable still didn’t allow me to export. This works fine.

The lp-16 works now and plays back my songs however the device is buggy as hell. Sometimes when I power up and plug my USB drive into it, it bugs out and won’t let me into the menu section or do anything for that matter. It freezes on a song name and then flashes and starts that process over and over. I have to keep closing and restarting the LP16.

Do you expect Cymatic will fix these bugs/problems in the near future? I purchased this device to make my life easier but it has been gruelling.

Thanks and please let me know if and when Cymatic is able to have this machine work how it has been marketed. I would hate to have to return it and start all over.