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Arie van den Broek

Dear Mark,

My name is Arie van den Broek, CEO of Cymatic Audio.
I have been following your posts and statements and I feel that parts of this discussion have now reached a point where I feel I need to intervene.

First of all, I am sorry that you have been experiencing the problems as you have. That is very unfortunate and regrettable.
I noticed that you posted your grieves via our support desk as well as thru this forum and as I see it, my colleagues have been able to provide you with appropriate work-arounds within hours, which you have confirmed working now.
I am glad that this part of the process has at least worked well for you.

uTool has been the first product we released on a shared code-base between WIN and OSX following the previous WIN-only Playlist Editor.
And even though uTool has undergone extensive testing, it indeed regrettably seems to display quirks in the field that did not occur in the testing environments. So indeed, uTool indeed may not be perfect yet and may have areas that need to be improved further.
No discussion there.
We at Cymatic Audio take great pride in taking user input seriously and provide patches, fixes or workarounds as soon as we reasonably can. So you can rest assured that our engineers are working around the clock to provide fixes for the problems now seen in the field, and appropriate updates can be expected in the coming weeks.

For the LP-16 however, the situation is a bit different:
Where uTool is of course a vital piece of software for the workflow, it is in our opinion, not as vital as the LP-16 that is used on-stage during a live performance.
Issues in uTool may indeed create hassles and nuisances that also indeed deserve our full attention.
There is however in our humble opinion an important distinction between tools that are being used ‘off-line’ and the hardware that is the heart of a live performance.

And it is for that reason that I cannot leave your statement of LP-16 being ‘buggy as hell’, standing as is.
We take great pride in testing the LP-16 at great length in as many circumstances as we can think of, as we KNOW the importance of a stability and reliability during a live performance.
Nearly all people are active musicians themselves, so they do not need convincing on this topic.
Of course, one may like or dislike the form, features or representation of the LP-16 at free will; however the main player functionality of LP-16 is rock-solid and uncontested!
Unfortunately, this does not make us invulnerable to faulty hardware or storage media, but once the LP-16 can read its content from a reliable USB storage device, we made pretty sure that there is not much that one can do to it to make it its core functionality of streaming audio to its outputs, go wrong.
In other words Mark, we take great pride in the fact that the basic player functionality of LP-16 truly is reliable and stable.
A statement that is confirmed by the well over 2000 active units in the field, several of them in large venues like for instance the latest ‘Take That’ tour (see press-releases).

And once again, you are of course free to like or dislike the functionality of the LP-16, but even in its current state, the LP-16 is perfectly capable of being your most trusted machine on stage for the purpose it has been designed for.
And we take great pride in that!

So in order to progress this issues you are experiencing, I propose that you contact us directly via support@cymaticaudio.com and we figure out what is wrong with your setup or machine thru detailed analysis and facts as I strongly suspect faulty hardware somewhere in the setup.
Please let us work towards making the LP-16 your trusted companion as we envisioned it to be.

Kind regards,
Arie van den Broek
Cymatic Audio