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Hi there Ksonic, I just wanted to elaborate a little bit more on the reason there is not currently a Windows Phone/Windows 8 “Metro” version of this app planned.

For better or for worse, the current market share of the Windows phone platform is very small (m sort estimates put it at about 3%) compared to iOS and Android, so there are many, many less customers, overall, that would be able to take advantage of a Windows 8 version.

Cymatic is still a growing company, so we have to be very careful about what areas we devote our engineering resources to. Although we would love to make a Windows phone version for the customers that require one, unfortunately we need to prioritize on the phone/tablet platforms that will benefit the most uTrack 24 owners, and for the moment that means iOS and Android.

We hope you understand and are sorry that we can not give you better news about your requested platform.