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Thanks for the reply!

Thats really unfortunate!
Im trying to find a solution/ work around for this…

I really need the 24 extra in / outs via usb so maybe you can give me some info on these possible solutions?

1 aggregated devices. Running 2 utrack24 devices at same time: both over a separate usb cable?
i know about the aggregated devices option in osx; that lets you use multiple soundcards and combine it as one device to be used in your daw. But with the utracks this does not seem to be working straight out of the box.
When i hook them both up to my mac via usb: they both say usb interface mode.
But only one utrack sho ws up on my computer : the last added device simply overrules the first utrack connected so i end up with my computer only recognizing one utrack24 active as audio interface.

#question: is there a way to solve this problem (mac osx seeing both utracks as separate devices )
or perhaps a workaround you know of … or will there be one in the near future?

2 Sell one utrack. buy the cymatic adat card option and hook it up to 3 adat devices*each with 8 extra in/outs (like the behringer ada8000)…. is this a possible solution to give me 3 x 8 : 24 more ins and outs??? or is the optional adat card not compatible for that?

Thanks in advance