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The LR-16 have unbalanced insert stlye inputs, that’s mean the TRS socket following this pinout:
T (tip): Input signal (from your source to LR-16)
R (ring): Return signal (from your LR-16 to source)
S (sleeve) Common ground

When you want to connect direct out to your LR-16 you’ll need to use TRS jack on the LR-16 side, and leave the R (ring) pin disconnected. (the other end of the cable can be TS (if your mixer have unbalanced direct out). If you have a Y where the pinout TRS (plug) –> 2xMONO TS socket [1xTS + 1xRS] you can use that as well.

Acoording to the Direct loom PDF that’s defienetley show wrong pinout, thanks for the heads up.