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[quote=”brendenovich” post=680]I’m sorry to bear bad news but there is still a big problem even with 1.01.24 (LP16)

The same issue where if you leave open tracks between populated tracks – you get odd behavior.
I have tracks 1-7 populated with audio files and then I use tracks 15-16 for my stage monitoring.. The last 2 (15-16) don’t show any metering in the mixer but whats worse is that I cant mute / solo / adjust their level / … unless I move them to tracks 8-9. The rest of the tracks behave as expected. .

This wouldn’t be serious if all my songs always used all tracks 1-7 but sadly this is not the case….
It would be great if you could sort this out otherwise it renders the mixer quite useless to me[/quote]

I’m having the same problem with the new upgrade! And it does the same in the U-24 settings too! Please HELP! :S
I have Windows 7 (64 bit) and when I uploaded the new firmware it did give me a message saying that the upload had some errors while downloading. So I went and uploaded the uTool software on my laptop which is Windows 8 (64bit) version. It had no errors when it finished but it did lock up for about 5 minutes after it had me click on the finish button. Finally the uTool screen did come up as normal but I still have the same issue with the tracks not working right on both the LP-16 and U24 uTool screen. It plays the songs(I can hear the tracks) but the control on the mute/volume on most of the tracks don’t work. Especially track 14, 15, and 16 will not light up. You can move the dials up and down and I do have the wav files in those tracks. I have un-installed then re-installed the uTool program on both computes many times and I have tried to change the file directories and re-inserting new tracks but still get the same results…….