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Hi Mvanark,

We acknowledge the fact that in some versions of MAC OSX, the uTool Export button is greyed out. As Laszlo pointed out in another thread, there is a workaround for this at the moment. We will get the uTool fixed in some time until then you can follow these steps.

1. Update to the latest version of LP-16. Connect the USB drive to the LP-16 and format it. The formatting will create 2 directories in the root of the USB drive. These are “Recording” directory “Music” directory. Both these directories have a folder “#PLAYLISTS” inside them. The “Recording” directory holds the multirack songs and the “Music” directory is meant for Stereo songs.

2. Create your content with uTool. When exporting , use the Directory option next to the Removable Drive option and choose the “Recording” folder in your formatted drive to export your Multitrack songs. Choose the #PLAYLIST” directory inside the “Recording” folder to export your multitrack playlist. Choose the “Music” folder to export your stereo songs and the “#PLAYLIST” inside the Music folder to export your stereo playlists.

When the export is done using the option “Removable Drive” (which unfortunately is not working in some MAC versions), this process of placing the proper files into the proper directories is done by the uTool.

Hope this helps.