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Brendan Ross

Thanks – it’s making life easier for us Mac users. One issue I’ve picked up though

when working with the mixer: if you want to set your levels within utool mixer, the output of those channels doesn’t match what you are seeing on the faders until you either double click the fader or grab and re-drag to wherever you want it. The same s true if you reopen an already edited project – even though your faders are set, the actual output only corresponds once you redrag the fader. Hope that makes sense?

I’ve made trk 15 and 16 my monitoring tracks. So my engineer only sends 15+16 back to out monitors and we get a balanced mix of whats going to FOH. Somehow those two channels /faders in utool are always screaming loud even though the levels are automatically set to -12 (if I recall correctly). Only if I grab those faders does the output come down to -12…
something to look at for the next update