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[quote=”Laszlo” post=3013]

This is not that easy as sounds. Using your computer you have the files on your internal drive. Easy and fast to compare to files which are the same and located in internal drive.

Using uTool you have a source (mono) files on your computer and you have a ready made content on the USB drive which can be mono wav files (LP-16) or multichannel wav files (uTrack24 and uTrack-X32) then you need to compare those files to the source mono files. Open each file from the USB drive then extract them to mono and compare to the local files on your computer. Believe me that will be also time consuming process.

In the meantime I had talk with the developer. That issue can be solved easily if the uTool use the timestamp provided by settings file. So once you change the wav files in your source (uTool) it will check the timestamp provided by the song on your USB drive if the two does not matching the song will be overwritten.
We going to implement this in the coming uTool version[/quote]

Thanks! Thats good news.

[quote=”Laszlo” post=3013]If your songs named properly like 01; 02; 03 …. 10; 11; 12 you will have no problem with the order.[/quote]

I cannot always dictate how they are had to be named and I have tons of tracks they are named since years in the same way.
Most of them are named for example like S3_4 Bass – Title – 01 (left) and so on.
In our workflow this names have special meanings (in other applications too). S=stereo, 3_4= channels left/right etc.
So it would be easier if uTool did not sort on its own meaning.

[quote=”Laszlo” post=3013]To be honest you are the first person who report that issue if the song has no midi file. We need to take a look that issue. But it happens randomly I assume difficult to reproduce (and fix) this issue[/quote]

Maybe one of the reason is in case of changing from 44.1 to 48kHz. After this every song (with “old 44.1” midifile) has an error sign for midi. But not only songs they had midifiles bevor. Songs without midifiles too.
I had not seen any way to retrace this. It comes on different songs but not very often. If I “deleted the non existing midifile” this song never had a error again.
It seems that if an error is shown on a song WITH a midi file and I export a song without midifile in the same session then this song shows an error too.
Somtimes after ending a session and restart uTool the error was not shown again.
But, as said above – I cannot retrace.
Bevor changing sample rates I never noticed this. If I work only with the “new” 48kHz songs the failure did not come along.