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I have the same problem. Win 10 and V2.0.055

If I go to the song menue and delete the (none existing) midifile it works. But there is no way to see when this happens. It affects a song by chance.

Other issues:
If I do “New Multitrack Song) and drag the whole punch of tracks from left to the right the tracks are resorted in alphabeticle order. So I had to drag track for track. Timeconsuming and annoying.

Tracks exported in quick-mode will be never compared about older and newer tracks. If the track is on the export-disk nothing happens in quick-mode. It seems that only none-existing tracks will be exported to the disk.
If you did not use “Force Overwrite” you had to check every single tracks version bevor your gig.
It is a very simple process for every newbie-programmer to apply this funktion. In uTool this did not work since the very first version.