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In quick export mode if the song(s) already exist on your drive only the settings file(s) [mixer parameters etc] and the playlist (if exist) transferred to the drive.
if the song does not exist on the drive wav + set file copied to the drive.
Using force overwrite mode it will overwrite all content incl wav .set, playlist on your drive.

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If I do “New Multitrack Song) and drag the whole punch of tracks from left to the right the tracks are resorted in alphabeticle order. So I had to drag track for track. Timeconsuming and annoying.
Does the left side has different order?

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If I go to the song menue and delete the (none existing) midifile it works. But there is no way to see when this happens. It affects a song by chance.
So your song has no midi? How do you delete the none existing midifile?