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[quote=”Laszlo” post=3010]Hi,

In quick export mode if the song(s) already exist on your drive only the settings file(s) [mixer parameters etc] and the playlist (if exist) transferred to the drive.
if the song does not exist on the drive wav + set file copied to the drive.
Using force overwrite mode it will overwrite all content incl wav .set, playlist on your drive. [/quote]

Yes, I know. But it is not a big deal to make it more useable.
If I have changed one (existing) track I have to “Force” export all songs. It needs hours.
In windows and linux/mac there are functions to compare the files and upload the new ones, the changed ones and remove the deleted ones. Thats build in functions. Why uTool did not use this?
It is very confusing to see after export in quick mode all tracks are still in the same version and nothing tells me that there is a difference between local and exported tracks. I could not know wich ones are changed by other persons but I allways want to have the actual versions on my disk I use on gigs.

[quote=”Laszlo” post=3010]Does the left side has different order?[/quote]

Yes. The Tracks are numbered (1-16 for example). And so the no 11 comes after no 1 and so on. The tracks shoul be draged and droped as listed in the left window. Thats why they are (channel-) numbered – in my case.

[quote=”Laszlo” post=3010]So your song has no midi? How do you delete the none existing midifile?[/quote]

It seems a little bit weired, I know. Sometimes a song wich never has had a midifile but in quick mode has an error sign (no midi file).
If I go to the song and klick the trashcan nothing happens but the error sign in quick mode was not shown any more.
I recognized this after changing from 44.1 to 48kHz. After this change NO midifile was able to export in quick mode.
And some of the songs without midifile got the same error.