Utool V2.0 stops after 8min playback

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Hello Lazlo

Ad first sorry for my delay answer, I was on holiday.

For now, I have test a lot off songs and there have this problem in the u-tool mixer function, sometimes the stops around 8:00min and sometimes it is longer like 15 minutes. I have test it on windows 7 and on windows 10 on both I have this problem. When I playback the song direct from the card there is no problem, I test this on both of my cymatic cards.

Yes, I can send you a song but it a total of 13.5 gb so too big for we-transfer, I have one song of 2,9 gb and a total length of 10:28min and this stops ad 7:45. But it is a record ware only 16 tracks of the 32 are record , and it is an opening off a show so there is less sound on it, but perhaps it can help you to find out what is wrong…

If you want it I can send it over we-transfer, please send me a private message for your e-mail address.
Or I will come over to Eindhoven if Cymatic is still there 🙂

Greeting Peter Visscher.

Sorry for my bad English I’m from Holland