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Until Utool v2 improves the conversion speed, here is my method to convert projects:
1. Rename Take00xx(00yy).wav files to UFXxx_yy.wav . There are several batch renaming utilities available on the web, personally I use Bulk Rename Utiliy ( https://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/ ) with regular expression (Takedd)(dd)((dd)(dd) to be replaced by UFX2_4
2. Convert the chain of files using a third party conversion tool. Googling “Multichannel WAV File Batch Processor” should bring you to the place where you can download it.

Current Utool beta version conversion time of my project (53 minutes of 32 track recording): 2.5+ hours
Alternate method described above: 14 minutes

To Cymatic: please provide some availability timeline for an improved Utool v2 software. The beta has been out for almost half a year, and without proper file conversion, the UTRACK-X32 board has limited use (for me at least).