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Marc Trainor

I’m one of the members but I do have a couple of U-tracks. I’m being very careful what I say here, because the last thing I’d want to do is influence you in the wrong way, and have it be a problem for you, so this is just something to consider, but it might work.

It sounds pretty complex what your doing, but if I’m not mistaken a big part of this is you being able to play back 9 channels at the same time, which would be doable on the U-track. Of course you could mix the 9 channels on the Utrack and run them out stereo, but you could also, with the right snake, run them individually out of the corresponding DB25 output on the back. I’m not sure where or how your running them to, but the signals could be sent out. Now, since your wanting to run microphones and a stereo player and whatever else along with it, the big question seems to be: Can you run these units as a “pass thru” into the Utrack and play them simultaneously with the 9 playback channels. I’m not sure, if you can or not. I’d look at the manual and check it out, or your probably gong to have to wait till Cymatic replies to you. However, I’m thinking of another possibility. It’s my understanding that you can only run U-track as an interface or straight recorder or player, but not both at the same time. If that’s the case, what you might have to do is have a multi-channel mixer and run the 9 outputs from the U-track playback into the mixer as well as running all your mikes, stereo recorder, etc. into the mixer and then output those signals wherever you need to. That way you could control each signal or track and send them however you wanted to. I hope this helps, and good luck, because you said your on a time frame. Marc Trainor.