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Branko Zorman

Dear Marc,

I really appreciate your kind and informative reply with some reservations I do understand.

I have also already learned that Utrack24 can work in Play, Record and USB (sound card) mode. I have read the manual, well maybe not in detail enough, but couldn’t find if the unit is capable to handle simultaneous I/O’s for one of mine scenarios.

If this is the case then I am also thinking about your suggestion to use mixer with at least 4 groups, where I will be able to mix and match all inputs (from Utrack playback, live mics and other sources) and then send out audio channels to 8 active speakers spread around in the gallery. This is for me the least ideal situation as some extra space will be needed and more cables will be involved, but it can be done bulletproof.

Since I do not know how the internal Utrack mixer works may I ask if it can internally route audio sources to particular audio outputs like?

That leads to another option – to use Utrack as an USB audio card where audio sources can be routed internally in Cubase or Logic (or any other DAW in that respect). But then computer needs to be on all the time looping sound installation files and passing through live mics sources.

Have to do some sketching and see what happens if i get two Utrack24.

Thank you again for your reply.