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Marc Trainor

Ok, again, I’m doing my best to not give you any wrong information on any of this. I’m only going on what I know or what I think I know on how mixers work, etc. As far as I know, I don’t think you can route or mix channels to different output channels within the U-track. In my understanding, you either send each channel out through the 3 D-sub outs with the appropriate snakes with the appropriate ends on the snakes for whatever input your using, as in a mixer or whatever, or you can mix everything in the U-track to a stereo out. It sounds to me like your really needing or wanting to mix multiple outs from the U-track as well as other microphones, cd players, or whatever. Now, I know you can send individual channels from the U-track into your DAW and mix things there, but if your wanting to also plug in other mikes to the U-track inputs and send the playback as well as run the mikes through at the same time, I honestly don’t know. I don’t think you can, but I’d definitely get a solid answer from Cymatic on that. If you could do that, you wouldn’t need a mixer, except then you need to send everything from your DAW live out to those 8 speakers, if I’m not mistaken. Whewwww.. this is getting tricky, because I just don’t know if this would all work like I’m talking about, but I’m thinking it probably wouldn’t. Now, depending on what’s on those 9 or more channels your talking about, especially if it’s 9 different tracks with a mixture of things, the U-track would be great for that. You could look at some of the other recorders out there like the Zoom 8 track, but you’d probably only have 8 channels on that unless you bought 2 zoom R24’s and hooked them together, but then that would cost more than the U-track, so, so far the U-track looks pretty good to me for what your trying to do. If you need to run outputs to each active speaker, I think you’ll need 8 auxiliary outs or sub-mix outs, or possibly a combination of the two. You can pick up used analogue mixers at a pretty good price now on Ebay. I would think about going that route, so remember of course, you’ll need a mixer with enough outputs for all your speakers, and enough inputs to run your U-track outputs, plus your mikes, and any other stuff into. I hope that helps, but I would definitely get a second or 3rd opinion on all of this, so you can make an informed decision about it. Marc.