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Branko Zorman

Hi Marc,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and doubts on various options for this installation.

According to you what you have wrote and what I am planning to do best option would be to use UTRACK24 as a USB DAW interface where I would get all sources in, mix and send them to whatever channel I want and route them to 8 speakers + 1 sub.
I am hoping of course that in USB mode all 24 Ins and 24 Outs are available at the same time – I assume they are.

What I find really nice with UTRACK24 is the number of audio channels it can handle to either playback or record and that it can serve as multichannel audio card.
I will go with one unit first, check all possible scenarios and save some money for adding 4 sub groups analogue mixer or maybe a patchbay too. Since UTRACK24 is quite cheap I can afford to get more stuff even if space I have is limited.

Hope Cymatic come around this post and answer my request on UTRACK 24’s handling of simultaneous I/O in USB and in standalone PLAY and RECORD mode.