uTrack-X32 doesn’t stop recording

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Haven’t had a chance to check the firmware yet but here are some results that I have had from experements today.

Have tried 3 devices and run a bench mark test using “USB Flash Benchmark” while having them pluged in to a USB3 port. I am not sure how big a buffer the uTrack is using so I will recodr the write speeds for 1Kb blocks and 4Kb blocks.

USB devices I tried;
Sandisk Flair Ultra 128GB. Does not stop recording. Write speed for 4Kb blocks 3.87MB/s and 1Kb blocks 0.52Mb/s.
Sandisk Ultra Fit 64GB. Works fine. Write speed for 4Kb blocks 4.75MB/s and 1Kb blocks 0.69MB/s.
Toshiba Canvio HDD 3TB. Does not stop recording. Write speed for 4Kb blocks 23.35MB/s and 1Kb blocks 6.26MB/s.

All devices were formated by the uTrack.

The write speed does not appear to be the only factor at work here.