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Francesco Lanza

Hi, thank you for you response.
Here’s the log of a recording which stopped in the described way:

(02:43:11) -> Fw:3865 HwVs:2
(02:43:11) -> Device type:Hard Drive, Vendor:TOSHIBA, ProductId:External USB 3.0, Rev:5438
(02:43:11) -> Start prepare pre-recording
(02:43:11) -> StreamingChannelMode set to Recording… Executing!
(02:43:12) -> Date 14-11-17
(02:43:12) -> Created Folder : /MultiTrack/_TempTake0005
(02:43:12) -> SR:48000 depth:24: ActiveTracks:32
(02:43:12) -> Renaming Directory from /MultiTrack/_TempTake0005 to /MultiTrack/Take0005
(02:43:12) -> Entered Recording State
(02:43:12) -> Next Gapless recording file created : MultiTrack/Take0005/Take0005(0002).wav
(02:50:59) -> Next Gapless recording file created : MultiTrack/Take0005/Take0005(0003).wav
(02:58:44) -> Next Gapless recording file created : MultiTrack/Take0005/Take0005(0004).wav
(03:06:30) -> Next Gapless recording file created : MultiTrack/Take0005/Take0005(0005).wav
(03:14:15) -> Next Gapless recording file created : MultiTrack/Take0005/Take0005(0006).wav

both X32 and uTrack units are connected to the same 4 ports WiFi Router. The recording fails indipendently on master and/or slave device. During last night’s tests It happened a couple of times on the other card too, without an apparent systematic cause. I also tried to shut down the slave unit and use only the master one, which is also Master Clock, but same result.
I tried a differend HDD, a Seagate 250GB, same result.

Could it be a problem with USB powered HDDs, failing at receiving enough power at some point? I’ll try to run a test on a 3.5″ HDD with external power source as soon as I can…