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Francesco Lanza

Just came back home after leaving uTracks recording… both are still running after more than 6 hours!
Only different thing now: Before starting this session I unplugged the LAN cables from uTrack cards, leaving only X32 cores connected to the router.
Could that be the solution? Using different routers or not using remote control for the uTrack? I’ll stress them a little bit again to see if I can replicate this result.

I tried before with an SSD flashdrive (not sure is the same as a SSD 2.5″ drive), same issue.
USB cables to HDD are not longer than 30cm (1 foot), and i also tried swapping them, same problem.
I did a test with only one X32 core powered on, but was still connected to the router just as the uTrack card, and had same problem.

For now everthing leads to a LAN connection issue on the uTrack card. I’ll keep you posted after running further tests.

Thank you!