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Marc Trainor

😉 I think I know what Christian wants. I have a U-track 24 but I used to own the LR-16. I also own an Onyx 1640i which has insert points and 2 mini D-sub out conectors. I just now tried to run a “direct out” with the TRS that has the ring tied to the tip into the D-sub input of my U-track and it worked like a charm. Seems like I got all the volume I need and I can also run the D- sub out of my onyx board at the same time as I run the output cord out of the insert, both into the Cymatic and it will record both of them at the same time on different channels. You can buy a nice short cord adaptor from Hosa, that has the tip and ring tied together. That’s what I did, and they work great for running a “direct out” out of the insert on your board. Marc Trainor.