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[quote=”stempel” post=151]Hi !
How can I connect the USB port on the backside and use the uTrack24 as a simple AD and DA converter for recording with Logic or Cubase on a MAC ?

Do I have to download a spezial USB driver and how can I activate this USB port function ?

All the best: —–o00o—`(_) `—o00o—–¬†Stempel[/quote]

Hi Stempel,

If you want to use the back USB connector for connect to MAC, you don’t need any special driver.
But, if your USB HDD connected to the uTrack front panel USB port, the back panel USB connector are disabled.
So you can use the uTrack in interface mode, if there’s no HDD connected to the front panel.
You can simply drag and drop the recording files from your HDD to the Cubase on your MAC, the Cubase can handle the multichannel wavefiles, but if you need you can extract to single channel wave file with the WavTool in this case any DAW can handle the recordings.

I hope its helps