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Thanks for the info! The LP /LR-16 and the U24 is still new to the market and it’s hard to find good You Tube videos or reviews since most of them are in German. It was really hard for me to make that decision on purchasing any of these without some good solid feed back. So, the information that you all mentioned will help as I will then stick with the USB flash drives. I will still need to have these placed in a “L” shaped 6 inch adapter so they don’t accidently get hit by a flying drum stick or being bumped into since those flash drives stick out a little from the front of the U24 in the rack mount(trust me I have seen this happen before with a MP3 rack mount player in a middle of a performance). I just hope that the 6 inch USB adapter doesn’t make the flash drive too weak to produce the tracks or cause any dropouts. Otherwise, I could just put a strip of clear plexi glass just over the front to protect the flash drive.

The only thing that makes me a little discouraged about the U24 is the MIDI capability. I love that it can be remotely used by the iPad and the uTool software is great but I had to purchase the LP-16 only because it had the MIDI function which I needed to control the Behringer X32 mixer, Voice Processor, drum patches and lights. Since last year(in January) when I placed a comment about when we will have the MIDI functions to work on the U24 Cymatic said by 1st quarter…..OK….1st quarter is long gone and I have noticed many others asking the same question and there hasn’t been ANY response from the Cymatic company about it since then. Does any one know when we might have that function ready for the U24?