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Sorry if this seems like I’m repeating with some of the forum questions. But I have both the LP-16 and the U24 which I’m only using it as playing backing tracks. Has any one found out the best HDD to use that would be compatible with no drop outs, or stopping in the middle of a performance? I was looking into the SSD Drives that were at least 500gb capacity. Whatever the HDD is that will be reliable I have to buy two as back up.

And is there anything out there that I could practically run 2 HDD(parallel) together like a mirror effect so if one drops out the other one takes over without any interruptions on the backing track being played. I heard of something like the “NewerTech Guardian MAXimus RAID-1 [MIRROR] Quad Interface Solution” But I was told I need a software or program to use it. Any help would be great…. Thanks 🙂