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uhh… may be it’s me but aren’t obdave and laszlo missing the point that we are trying to make here?
My answer to lilpyro was about using standard flashdrives for playback, not recording.

There is indeed a lot of stuff on the internet to read about the differences of WRITE and READ performance on flashdrives, so it the statements of obdave and laszlo make sense to me in regards to using standard usb flashdrives for recording.

The point that I merely was trying to make to lilpyro, was that READ performance of flashdrives is mostly much better than their WRITE performance, and for that reason it seems that uTrack (and most likely LP as well), has no problem playing back multitrack files from standard USB flash drives.
At least, it is working flawlessly for me for 10+ shows already playing back 48Khz/24bit content varying from 8 to 24 channels from several 128Gb and 64Gb sticks.
And as my setup has litterally no moving parts, there is no skipping of HDD heads or any of the problems that lilpyro is experiencing with his HDD application.
So I do not know if I am now working completely out of the specification of Cymatic, or if Cymatic has done any testing in this area, but it seems to be working absolutely fine for me with several different USB sticks.

And lilpyro to answer your question on capacity:
using the audio filesize calculator https://www.theaudioarchive.com/TAA_Resources_File_Size.htm#File_Size_Tutorial you will find out that 1 minute of 24channel audio at 48Khz/24bit uses up around 203Mb per minute.
So leaving providing me well over 310minutes or well over 5 hours of 24ch content on a standard 64Gb flashdrive. In my case, more than enough to cover a full show, especially as several of the songs contain less than 24channels of audio.

And as I have paid less than EUR60 for a 128Gb Sandisk data traveler the other day, I simply always keep 2 extra with me as backup, should one of these babies suddenly decide to give read errors. Live is good 🙂