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I understand now what you meant by Monitor….sorry for my ignorance. Yes…the mixer in the iPad does work lowering or turning up the individual tracks in the back L & R”main out” and the head phones output but not from the 24 din pin outputs (I guess the direct out). I was hoping to control the individual volumes during live play back on stage and save it permanently in the u24. I know I can do this from the analog mixer from our stage but I didn’t want to do this every night and thought I could just lower a track volume within the u24 track(Direct Out) unit so that song would be consistent without always changing its volume. Otherwise, I would have to go uTool and go to the “direct out” mixer part or to my original DAW source “Reaper” and lower the volume there and re-summit it to the uTool program back to the Hard Drive.

Thanks 🙂