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Marc Trainor

I’m not quite sure what you mean about checking the channel focus mode, or the bass channel while recording Right now I don’t have the U-remote set up yet so I can’t see the exact numbers on the meters, i.e. -16db etc. As far as I understand, my output on my Onyx is pre-fader, but post gain, so the faders shouldn’t have anything to do with my signal level. I’m turning up the gain nob all the way on vocals and it just doesn’t seem loud enough. I just don’t think I’m getting enough signal out of the gain nob on my Onyx and since I can’t turn up the volume on the uTrack24, I’m kind of stuck. On other instruments I recorded live the other night, I was fine. I even had to turn down the bass guitar and pedal steel guitar to keep them from overloading, but like the bass drum, didn’t seem loud enough. Marc.