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[quote=”Kaderabek” post=3471]
In uTool I use the mixer to set the proper levels (using meters) across all track and songs to remain consistent (typically 5 tracks – 3 mono and 1 stereo track) and I audition the playback in stereo through LP-16 with studio monitors plugged to 1 and 2 outputs.
I’d like to know if the sound levels heard in stereo and seen in uTool mixer somehow differ from sound levels then played back by LP-16 alone from attached USB memory in multitrack mode to 5 inputs of my Midas MR18.[/quote]

Hi Richard,

There’s several things to check in your setup.
1, Firmware up to date on your device? –> 83956
2, There’s a pre/post switch in the uTool mixer with this button you can set the level meters to show the pre-fader or post-fader mode.
3, In the LP-16 menu you can switch between pre or post fader mode. In pre-fader mode the mixer settings are applied only in the headphones output, in post-fader mode the mixer settings applied on the 1-16 outputs as well.
4, There’s a setting in the LP-16 to set the 1-16 outputs to pre or post fader mode. (menu/outputs)
5, In the uTool mixer you can set 3 different playback mode: Stereo; Multitrack pre-fader; Multitrack post-fader