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Thank you, guys,
MR18 arrived already on Friday, so I experimented the whole weekend:
I finally decided to lie on ears and meters of MR18. It means I’ve set the basic presets for all 3 mono and 1 stereo inputs fed from LP-16, in uTool I set meters and playback post fader and with MR18 I’m able to use multitrack playback instead of stereo downmix.

The files were prepared in Cubase 9 LE, then I mastered all levels to 0dB in TRacS. Then I imported the files to uTool and made adjustments in its mixing console while listening a watching the meters on MR Edit.

I must say it works like charm. Of course some minor changes will about to be made when playing live, but I guess nothing dramatical and I could do them during incoming rehearsals.

Thank you again for your help, I know very big famous bands using LP-16 (e.g. Monkey Business in Czech Republic), but their files are prepared in big expensive studios whithin album recordings. My home studio, free VST instruments and playing skills are far from their production.

Best regards, Richard, Czech Rep.