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Hello – I’m using the LP-16 with DAW = MAGIX Sampllitude and Mixer = Line 6 StageScape.
The good thing: what gets out of the DAW whenn using LP16 as USB interface is what I get when exporting the mater (annd click) to WAV and via uTool (no modification of any level) to the mixer in LP-Stand Alone.
The critical thing, and here my question:
0dB on the DAW gives basically full scale output on LP-16 (whatching the little screen). But my mixer (line input) shows it nearly on satuation (hot signal) mentioning +15dB. I have the reduce the DAW Master volume to -15dB to get a 0dB level in the mixer.
even using an input type where I can modify the pre-amp level (the StageScape is digital and hes different pre-defined types of inputs), still the system shows me that the signal is too hot.

Is this normal ? Do you folks work with such high input levels to your mixer console ?
I mix all outputs to -15dB in the DAW. So I always get in stand-alone what I get in USB mode. What keeps me very satisfied with the LP16 / uTool – I may ignore the sense of all the level trimming in uTool and the ASIO driver forever, lolo