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Yep, leaving the PT-rig at home was my initial purchasing trigger as well 🙂

BTW, that direct file compatibility with PT is a quick & viable option as long as your recording is not exceeding 10-12 minutes.
Once the recording exceeds this time, the individual recording blocks (I believe they are called ‘chunks’ in the manual), need to be manually imported and aligned in PT as uTrack starts a new recording file every 10 min. or so.
That can become a chore with long recordings, as I often have.
For those cases, uTool worked as a charm sofar, as it automatically arranges and aligns these chunks by itself and exports these as mono .wavs.
(Also important if you have to import therecordings into other DAWS as it seems that not everbody supports the multi-channel .wav as well as PT does!)