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To able to use the uRemote on your iPad the card firmware must to be updated to 3865 firmware. Firmware update Firmware update

If your files has no audio it must be a routing issue:
For detailed information, please refer to the X32/M32 console’s User Manual, and its instructions for routing audio in and out of the console.

The uTrack-X32 can record from, and playback to, various channels in your mixing console:

To select the audio channels that you plan to record, go to the console’s menu “Routing” / “Card Out”.
For example, to record the X32/M32 console’s analog inputs, select “Expansion card outputs 1-8” to “local 1-8”, and so on.

To configure the playback channels, go to the console’s menu “Routing” / “Home“.
For example, to playback from USB harddisk to the mixing console’s local analog inputs, select “input 1-8” to “card 1-8”, and so on.

Once you have the recordings on the USB drive use the uTool import function to make mono files from the multichannel wav files