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The LP-16 supports two modes. A multi-track song mode and a stereo song mode. All folders lying inside the “Recording” folder are treated as multi-track song. All songs inside the “Music” folder as handled as stereo songs
In LP-16, a multi-track song is a folder with individual mono wave files in it. The routing of the mono wave files to the outputs is based on the names given to the file. When a multi-track song folder does not follow some rules, it is shown as a regular folder and not a song.

The following rules should be taken care of inside a multi-track song:
1. All files should be mono
2. Maximum of 16 wave files
3. Each wave file should be of the same sampling rate and bit depth
4. Numbering of the file names should match the channels.

The best way to avoid having such problems is to use uTool to export your songs to an external drive. We are releasing a new version of uTool in a couple of days and please use this newer version for exporting your song content.

Hope this solves your problems.