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Mike Todd


Remember that I’m installing on a completely virgin win10 installation, so there would be no previous drivers. But, even after installation, the drivers are not located in WindowsSystem32drivers – they are only in the cymaticaudiouTrack24 folder. Deleting all of this (and searching the driver

If I examine the drivers in more detail, I do see that they are signed by Archwave Technology BV, and dated 5 September 2016. The Inf file date has 11/9/2015 with the version, 6.18.0 but the minidump dates them the following day at 10/11/2015 (first is US mm/dd/yyyy but second is rest-of-world dd/mm/yyyy)

Although I write software, I’ve not written drivers and I don’t know where or how the data is encoded in the .SYS files.

Clearly the fact that everything is perfect under v1511 but not under v1607 suggests that there’s a significant problem running under the latter. Whether it’s v1607 or the uTrack24 drivers is difficult to say, but also it seems odd that you can install to a virgin v1605 with no problem whereas I can’t. Maybe there’s some interaction between the uTrack and some other driver.

It’s also interesting that, going through exactly the same process, I was previously just getting driver signature issues – now I just get bluescreens.

However, other than locking myself into v1511 from now on, I really don’t know what else to do!