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Mike Todd

Well – it seems like there are two problems here, and the (genuine) unsigned driver issue was masking the bluescreen.

Initially it was definitely that the signature was invalid on v1607 (under v1511 it was fine) – and I now know why and can replicate and fix it thanks to PreSonus technical support who said that there was a problem if their driver is downloaded using IE11 or Edge. Initially it had been fine for me on v1607 (I’d been installing from a memory stick), but It was suddenly showing the same “unsigned driver” issue when installed from a download.

The solution was simply to download it using Chrome or Firefox – it installed just fine.

This was clearly what was happening to the uTrack24 driver. It was getting installed/initialised, but wouldn’t run because its signature was not recognised. As a result, the bluescreen issue didn’t show itself.

During the multiple reinstalls of Win10 I had unwittingly worked around this problem by grabbing the driver installation file from an old XP computer and put it on a memory stick.

The uTrack24 driver was now getting installed, which revealed the bluescreen issue (which also only happens on v1607 and not on v1511).

I’m glad that you’ve now been able to replicate this problem and I look forward to seeing a fix.

But it’s worth being aware that, when it does get fixed, it will probably still not install on v1607 if the installation file is downloaded with IE11 or Edge (this would appear to be an issue of which MS has been aware for some time, but hasn’t fixed).

I hope this helps